National Training Services (NTS) is a Registered Training Organisation in the Australian vocational education and training sector (VET) and is recognised as a provider of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications.

National Training Services issues qualifications and statements of attainment (Awards) in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

This page is provided to facilitate the verification of qualifications and statements of attainment issued by National Training Services issued since we commenced operations in 2012.

The information you need to verify a qualification or a statement of attainment is located on the credential.

To use the verification tool go here

Verification Tips

  • The Parchment ID requested by the Verification Tool is the same as the Certificate Number on the Award.
  • Statements of Attainment list units completed and do not verify that the requirements for receiving a Certificate or Diploma qualifiction have been met.
  • If the requirements for a Certificate or Diploma qualification have been met, a separate award will be issued which includes the following words “has fulfilled the requirements for” followed by the qualification name. No units will be listed on this document.
  • National Training Services will need to be contacted to verify Awards for people with a single name. Phone 03 9988 7949.


The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is an individual’s education number for life, creating an online record of training attainments in Australia.The USI is supported by the Student Identifiers Act 2014 which is Commonwealth legislation.

For training completed since 2015 an Award holder can permit others (such as employers and Registered Training Organisations) to view their training record on the USI Registry to verify their training records.

Keep in mind training organisations report completed training either quarterly or annually, so there will always be a time lag in displaying recently completed training.