PMA40116 Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology


The Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology is a technical qualification for plant technicians and operations technicians who will typically be involved in solving complex problems which require theoretical knowledge, combined with an understanding of the production process and equipment across the plant.


This qualification is typically used to develop employees performing a technical role that includes an ability to work independently and conduct technical problem solving according to the needs of the work in the chemical, hydrocarbons and refining industries.


In this course participants will undertake practical workplace improvement projects that focus on implementing Lean concepts and sustainable improvements to manufacturing environments. These projects are tailored to suit real areas of improvement within the workplace.

This qualification is normally offered in conjunction with one other qualification depending on the requirements of each company and its workforce.


The qualification offered in conjunction with PMA40116 Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology is:


Training for this qualification is conducted in the workplace over a maximum of 14 months.


This qualification is suitable for plant and operations technicians who will typically be involved in solving complex problems which require theoretical knowledge, combined with an understanding of the production process and equipment across the plant.


Typically, this cohort will have process plant experience and hold job roles such as:

  • Plant Managers
  • Superintendents
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Maintenance (with a trade qualification)
  • Specialist Field Operations staff

    This qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a supervisory or similar level of responsibility exists. It is not suitable for direct entry from school, or new entrants to the manufacturing industry who have no previous training or experience in manufacturing.


    There are no prerequisites, however, National Training Services offers this qualification as a work based training and assessment program and therefore applicants must be employed in a suitable manufacturing company in a supervisory position, or in development to be up-skilled or promoted to a supervisory position.


    Additionally, they will need to have the support of their employer to undertake the training and assessment program.


    National Training Services can access state government funding for this qualification through the Victorian Skills First funding program. Participants who are eligible for Skills First funding will pay no tuition fees. If participants are not eligible for funding a fee may be required, please contact NTS for details on fee for service costs.


    Participants may be eligible for Skills First Funding if they are:

    • an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen
    • under 20 years old;


    • over 20 years old and enrolling into a qualification higher than the highest qualification already held


    Contact us today for further information on tuition fees and state government funding.


    To be awarded the PMA40116 Certificate IV in Process Plant Technology competency must be achieved in twenty-six (26) units of competency. These are comprised of:


    • Five core units of competency
    • Twenty-one elective units of competency


    View the full list of units of competency here  →




    Training and assessment activities undertaken in the workplace include:

    • Training sessions
    • Project planning, implementation and presentation
    • Skills development


    Assessment consists of:

    • Written or verbal assessment
    • Workplace observation by the trainer
    • Project presentations reviewed by the trainer and workplace management
    • Third Party Report

    The program is structured into 4 clusters of related and complimentary units. The units and activities within each cluster are structured as follows:

    • Clusters 1 and 2 – Planning, preparation, review, discovery and research
    • Cluster 3 – Workplace improvement projects launched and implemented
    • Cluster 4 – Implementation and consolidation of workplace improvement projects followed by measurement, review, evaluation and reflection


    All required equipment and materials are supplied by NTS and provided by the workplace.

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      Brokering Arrangements

      National Training Services has appointed a broker to identify and negotiate with workplaces wishing to undertake this training. See National Training Services Brokers List on our Compliance page for details.

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