NTS offers Food Processing courses at the Certificate III and IV level that concentrate on practical implementation of Lean concepts and sustainable improvements in food processing environments.

The aim of Lean is to establish and maintain a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement within an organisation. Lean relies on foundational concepts:

  • Customer focus  –  value is only what the customer values.
  • Eliminating waste  –  if it is not providing value then you don’t need it.
  • Smooth flow  –  leveling out any variations to achieve a consistent flow of processes.
  • Efficiency  –  managing efficiencies along the supply chain rather than creating departments and silos.
  • Continuous improvement  –  continually finding ways to make improvements, no matter how small.
  • Respect for people  –  valuing the expertise of people who know their work.

Our food processing courses benefit from the same approach to identify and reduce waste. However, we also focus on critical requirements within the industry such as safe food handling, supply chain processes, and Workplace Health and Safety. While the core of the training remains the same, the specifics around the delivery can change to meet your industry needs.

These courses are delivered in the workplace by experienced staff and use workplace improvement projects as the practical and hands-on learning process. Projects are tailored to real areas of improvement within the workplace, allowing participants to apply their learning to real life situations.

Transition Arrangements

Both Food Processing qualifications are being replaced in 2022. Students who have not completed their current qualification before it expires will be transitioned to the new qualification with credits for equivalent units. Transitioned student may have additional units to complete which mean it will take longer to complete.

The transition date for both qualifications is 7/9/2022.